Western Advanced Manufacturing Park


Western Manufacturing Park is one of Canada’s leading technology parks and is located in the heart of Canada’s largest manufacturing regions. With 30 acres to growand develop new technologies, this park is part of the Western Research Parks program that includes Western Discovery Park and Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park. Zoned for full-scale manufacturing and large-scale research, Western Advanced Manufacturing Park aims to ensure the repetitive andcontinuous competitive advantage for regional industry. Multi-functional, collaborative, and with a particular emphasis on automation, wind research, andthe development of new lightweight material, Western Advanced Manufacturing Park provides small, medium & large enterprises flexible access to an array of globally unique facilities.

WindEEE Dome

2535 Advanced Ave., London ON, N6M 0E2 WindEEE (WindEngineering, Energy and Environment) Dome, a LEED® Silver (2014) building, isthe world’s first hexagonal wind chamber. Built in 2013, this globally uniquefacility allows researchers to address scientific, economic, and societal challenges related to wind. At 25 meters in diameter for the inner dome and 40 meters in diameter for the outer dome, this large-scale structure has thecapability of physically simulating high intensity wind systems – including tornadoes, downbursts, and gust fronts – which cannot be created in any existing wind tunnels.

FraunhoferInnovation Platform for Composites Research

2520 Advanced Ave., London ON, N6M 0E1 The Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Composites Research (FIPComposites at Western) is a joint venture between Western University and the FraunhoferInstitute of Chemical Technology (ICT) in Pfinztal, Germany. Built in 2012, this approximately 20,000 square foot facility develops, tests, validates, and characterizes new lightweight materials and advanced manufacturing processes at industrial scale. By combining Fraunhofer’s latest global technologies and Western’s strengths in material engineering, FIPComposites at Western proactively addresses the needs of its industry partners.


2544 Advanced Ave., London ON, N6M 0E1 A multi-purpose facility built in 2014, this approximately 25,000 square foot LEED® Silver (2015) office & industrial space was specifically designed to stimulate collaboration between research and industry and is home to various tenants including FIPComposites at Western and BOS Innovations.